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Measuring the scopes

Hopefully I'm not going to stir up too much of a hornets nest but I'd really like to get this clarified.

The rules for scopes say

"(a) No length or power limitation. Scope tube body to be 3/4" or less in diameter and any ocular or
objective lens 1" or less measured from the inside of the lens opening (I.D.). (Adjusting or assembly
rings are not included in these measurements.) No recoil/return springs are allowed on scopes."

What I'd like to know is, at the Nationals, exactly how are the scopes going to be measured with regard to the lens opening size (I.D.). I've heard some say it's the actual size of the lens, others say the inside diameter of the bell, be it ocular or objective, measured at the furthest ends of the scopes (inserting a set of calipers say 1/8" inside the bell) while others have talked about having to dismantle part of the scope to get at the "true" measurement. Different folks are adamant that their method is correct, so what say those in power that actually will have the final word at the Nationals?



This has been here a LONG time without a reply.  This is a better place to ask questions,


However, NO ONE will take apart your scope and measure it.  Nor will anyone stick a calipers in your scopes objective lens housing and measure it.  Most of the scopes that are legal are well known and identified on sight as being good to go.

What scope do you have?  Post the make and model and someone in the know (ie. a .22BPCRA official aka John Gage for instancew) will say  yeah or nay without any fuss and you will know now, not when you arrive.


Thanks for the response. I currently am using a DZ scope which I know is legal and it's a fantastic scope. I have, however, been looking at both gunshows and on the internet for additional scopes. You can never have too many scopes. Since my original post, I've gotten in touch with John Gage and have the information I need.

I don't do facebook but thanks for the info.